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Doctor to Doctor is a medical contract sales company founded by a physician and a sales executive, who together have over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sales industry. We specialize in helping increase the sales of companies that sell to the healthcare field.


Physician Salespeople: We use physicians to make sales calls directly to your prospective clients. Our data has shown that when a physician contacts a prospective client, the physician is able to bypass gatekeepers and immediately reach the key decision makers, including those people who were inaccessible before. Your prospects are very receptive to speaking with our physicians and will follow their suggestion to set up an appointment, either with your salespeople or those that we can provide. By expediting this first step of getting your product in front of the client, we save you valuable time and energy. Also, having a physician represent you will give your company and your product instant credibility, and help establish an ongoing relationship with your prospective client.

Sales Technique: We started with the premise of using our physicians as the initial sales contact, and have developed a unique sales technique over time. We’ve made sales into a science. We have operational charts and talking points which take our physicians and sales executives from first contacts all the way through completing a sale.

Technology: Our state-of-the-art technology monitors every call and collects statistical data, which allows us to track key metrics of our performance and allows you to track your return on investment.



“Dr. Deitch and Mr. Brumer helped us reach our sales goal for the pilot project in only three months and exceeded my expectations on every front, including increasing our sales by 500%. They were able to shorten our sales cycle by more than half. I was thrilled to report the return on investment (ROI) and success of the product launch to our board of directors thanks to the work of Dr. Deitch and Mr. Brumer.”

--Dana Guilfoyle, VP of Sales and Marketing, Medical Group Management Association




We provide contract sales services to companies in the healthcare industry. Whether or not you have an existing sales team, we can help you meet your goals. We have several different options, or we can customize our services to meet your specific needs.

• Sales Initiation: We provide the most important step in your sales cycle by having our physicians contact your prospects to schedule sales people for a face-to-face or telephone meeting with the decision maker.

• Full Sales Cycle: After the initial contact, our sales executives will complete the rest of the sales cycle, until your deal is closed with a potential client. We also have significant experience in contract negotiations.




• Maximize the number of closed sales and profitability
• Shorten the sales cycle
• Increase high value interactions with key decision makers
• Improve customer retention rate by building relationships
• Increase brand credibility